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Good oral health starts from the day your child’s first tooth comes in. While you’re doing all you can at home by brushing and flossing twice daily, it’s important to bring your child to the dentist for preventative care such as regular check-ups and cleanings in Fonthill & Welland, ON.

When it comes to healthy teeth and gums, prevention is the key. With regular visits to the dental office in Fonthill & Welland, ON, we can diagnose and treat tooth decay, and also examine and monitor your child’s growth and development of their jaws as well as their incoming adult teeth—before they erupt. This way we can assess their need for necessary orthodontic treatment as early as possible. With pediatric dentistry our goal is to provide your children with the knowledge, tools, and good habits to care for their teeth for a lifetime of oral health.

At Fonthill Dentistry, our team of dentists and hygienists in Fonthill & Welland, ON are friendly and experienced with children. Our staff are specially trained to ensure that children of all ages have a positive experience at the dentist. We understand that some children may be afraid to visit the dentist and we will do all we can to help them to overcome their fears. We recommend bringing your children with you to the dentist from a very young age so that they are comfortable in our office. We’d love to meet them!

Our office is happy and welcoming and we look forward to getting to know your whole family! Have questions about your child’s oral health, or want to book an appointment for Kid’s Dentistry Fonthill & Welland, ON ? Call us today.