Durable Dentures Fonthill & Welland ON

You spend your lifetime cleanings, brushing, flossing, and looking after your teeth and gums. However, life is full of injuries, ageing, and other unexpected events that can damage your teeth beyond repair. In the event when remaining teeth are unable to perform simple tasks such as eating, you may have to consider dental dentures. Visit our office in Fonthill & Welland, ON for high-quality dentures.

Durable Dentures for Welland & Fonthill, ON

A Multitude of Oral Benefits

Our dental offices strive to provide the highest quality dentures available to the residents of Fonthill, Welland and surrounding areas. Composed of hard resin, a very durable material, dentures will allow you to enjoy your favourite foods, and socialize with confidence. A set of well-fitted dentures will support the structure of your cheeks and lips, keeping these parts of your face firm, something that would not be possible if you left your mouth without a prosthesis.

Partial Dentures

If your smile is missing only one or a few teeth, you may consider removable partial dentures from Fonthill Marketplace Dental in Fonthill & Welland, ON. Made up of one or more artificial teeth held in place by clasps that fit onto nearby natural teeth, partial dentures are a great alternative when other restorations, such as bridges, are not possible, or when you need a temporary solution.

Contact Us Today for Outstanding Dentures

Regardless of which denture you need, our team at Fonthill Marketplace Dental is determined to provide you with a smile you are going to be proud of. We ensure that our dentures are natural-looking, very durable and perfectly fitted. If you would like to learn more about dentures or you would like to schedule a consultation with one of our dentist in Fonthill & Welland, ON our office (905) 892-0476 to schedule an appointment.